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_rivahjordan your manuscript deadline has been extended to the end of February! Let's get it done 👊
Big big big thanks to this guy for supporting with my apparel for the last few years! He's decided t
Yes there are also some funny bits in the book! #surfingthewave should be about fun and laughter as
If you going to work for someone make sure you are passionate about what you are doing, otherwise it
This book is my gift to the world... Take onboard the wisdom and principles and learn how to give yo
The book took me about 2
Epic!!!! #Repost _carlsking18_ Surf the wave!!!!!! #giliIsland #Bali #waves _waynejordon1 Pre-Order
This man just have so much style and charisma! Definitely someone who I look up to as a master wave
These two always giggling away! 😂 My sisters from another mister _jyohanna_norris and _gillyphilips
Working with some year 10's getting their mind right before they enter the big world
Morning guys, so I guess I can tick 'become an international author' off the list now right_ #SURFTH
Another #wavesurfer who has decided to creative control of her destiny as a result of reading my bra
If you would have told me 3 years ago that I will write a book and that people in #Australia would b
Loving the impact of this book! Lives are changing , waves are getting surfed! _#SURFTHEWAVE #Workbo
#SURFTHEWAVE in Thailand! Big up _thehcboss for this one
If fear of failure wasn't a factor, we would achieve sooooo much more! Ask yourself, if you are to f
Big thanks to this man Andrew Brown! He has been my mentor for almost 5 years now and quite frankly