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I have been speaking in Schools, Colleges and Universities for just under 10 years now and thoroughly enjoy engaging students AND teachers with funny (informative) tales from my interesting life journey. My delivery and style is completely different from anything you would have ever seen, for example, I may just throw on some have baseline music and start to rap / emcee to students or I might turn the lights off and get everyone (teachers included) to be completely still and meditate for 10 all depends on the energy in the room at the time!

My presentations are highly interactive and will leave your students feeling energised and ready to attack their next challenge with confidence and determination. My aim is to install GROWTH MINDSET, positive thinking, self empowerment and a never give up mentality to your students!


Whether I am speaking to 10 or 1000 students I give it 100% and make sure that everyone in the room feels empowered by the end.

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